The removal of the pattern and narrowness of the vertical and horizontal bars helps to minimise the intrusion of the fencing at eye level. This “blending In” is also helped by painting the fencing a darker colour as opposed to a lighter colour which enhances the display of the fencing and tends to reduce the openness of the area. It works well as a pool surround with a rectangular or square shape, keeping to the linear shapes.

This fencing is manufactured in our standard colour of Forest Green. Should another colour be required, the fencing can be hand painted at a surcharge.

The fencing is made up of 8mm mild steel vertical welded rods and 10mm mild steel horizontal rods. The gaps between the verticals are 10mm wide as per government safety standards. (SAN1400/ SABS0400-1990)

The fencing is installed slightly elevated off the ground to allow for grass cutting and also importantly to adhere to the 1.2 height regulation.

Specification of sizes

Specification of sizes

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